What we do:

This research group, will address the issue of cultural and social heritage, in an urban street.
Our researchers come from various scientific areas. We intend to investigate the street in the most varied situations and points of view. According to the scientific area of each researcher.
We will try to find The Ideal Street.

Research Subjects:

Architecture, Urban Design, Sociology, Economy, Real Estate Appraisal, Design, Safety, Scenography, Television, Virtual Reality, Culture, Heritage, Tourism, Energy, Geotechnics and Heritage, Road design, Structures, Street and City.

Our team is multicultural and multinational, nationalities are diverse: Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Cape Verde Island, Greece and Brazil.


In recent years, the word sustainability has invaded all areas of knowledge, taking part in the current lexicon of a broad spectrum of disciplinary action.
Although redundancy is present when connecting development and sustainability, the fact remains that the application of the latter to fields of knowledge related to the humanities and in articulating the planning, to urban planning and urban design, comes in a way to highlight something that for years has been away from the methodological process of these areas, and whereas it is mismanagement, especially when we are dealing with urban centres that have grown over the last twenty years so overwhelming, with more or less planning, more or less sensitivity to environmental issues and the vision of an integrated society in their midst.

International Conference
​April 2017

We will have an International Conference, about the subject: ​" Tourism Vs Heritage", next April, 2017, in VIlnius, Lithuania

​More information shortly.......

Would you like to make part of our international team?  
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special partnership

International Photo Exposition - Arte Galery, EAL , Lisbon July 2017

​International Exposition with Photos, from Artists from Portugal, Poland, France and Lithuania.
It was Held in Lisbon downtown, at the Art Galery, Espaço Arte Livre, with the Sponsor of Milú Ferrira.

Photo Exposition at Art Galery EAL, Lisbon, July 2016

Photo Exposition, Held in Lisbon at the art galery Espaço Arte Livre, in Lisbon Downtown, during the month of July and August 2016.

Photos from Authors from Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and France.

Exposition Sponsor: Milú Ferreira

4th International Conference Visuality 2017: Tourism vs Urban Heritage in a Creative City

VGTU, Faculty of Creative Industries
April 20, 2017 – April 21, 2017
Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Dr Sofia Avgerinou Kolonias, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Prof. Dr Algis Mickūnas, Ohio University, USA

Prof. Luis Moreira Pinto, UBI university, Covilhã, Portugal

Prof. Cathedratic Reaes Pinto, Lusiada University, Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Dr Farouk Y. Seif, Antioch University Seatle, USA

Prof. Dr Nico Carpentier, Uppsala University Department of Informatics and Media, Sweden

Prof. habil. Dr Dávid Lóránt Dénes, Shakarim State University of Semey, Kazakhstan

Prof. Franz Fischnaller, Albertina Art Academy of Turin, Italy